All photos of me taken by Chandler Grace Photography

April 18, 2019

 Photos of me taken by Chandler Grace

A question I get a lot is “soooooo…what do you do for a living?” And honestly, fair enough. I spent a year and a half post-grad starting a company with my mom, which meant a lot of odd jobs here and there to pay rent. Therefore, wha...

April 15, 2019

He was driving me back to my house on 59thSt. in his brand new truck that he’d washed and cleaned for our first date. In the midst of awkward pauses followed with careful conversation that danced around the edges of prom, homecoming, and life beyond senior year, I timi...

April 1, 2019

This week I was asked to co-write on a brand new blog called Destined to Write. I've put the post I wrote for them below, but click HERE to follow along on their new blog and support them on their way!

The other day I heard a new worship song where the chorus went somet...

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