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Marketing Materials

"Katy is fantastic! She takes the time to understand our brand, what we are trying to communicate, and turns around a product that is current, relevant, and effective. She made some sales pitch decks for us and we will continue to use her where we can, and when we need material that resonates with customers. And she works quickly!"

- Andi, CEO of BlingSting

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Blogography is different than photography in some very key ways. First of all, I'm not a professional photographer, but I know the types of images you'll need - full, portrait, detail, product layouts, etc. Second of all, it's cheaper and quicker than using a professional photographer because the point isn't to get photos for a specific memory/event (graduation, wedding, Christmas card, etc.), the point is to get good content quickly so you can keep your grid flowing. I'd love to shoot with you, so click the button below to contact me!

Marketing Materials

With a mix of graphic design skills, some photoshop, my writing minor degree, and photography skills, we can make your company/you some killer marketing materials! A few of the promotional materials I've designed for others and myself follow: website design, product decks, business cards, mailers, flyers, e-blasts, coupons, presentations, headshots, and more. Whatever you need, reach out and I'll help bring it to life for your company!

Social Media Management

I understand more than most just how important that little Instagram grid can be. It's how I get most of my collaboration deals, it's the easiest way for future employers to get a sense of who I am, and it's just fun to make it aesthetically pleasing! I've discovered several apps that help me keep my Instagram grid curated, cohesive, and visually inviting. I've interned for a major fashion company's social media department, and was the marketing director for a specialty boutique as my first out-of-college job. Finally, I've helped several companies as much as double their social media following in less than 60 days. So, along with Instagram expertise, I also understand how to market on several other social media platforms through experience and research. I'd love to get your grid up to par so you can start marketing yourself efficiently in today's market!

Written Word

I blog, obviously, and I love to write! I have a minor degree in writing from TCU and 3 years experience in conversational writing. I've studied many different forms of writing such as journalism, short story, fiction, poetry, and more. I'd love to help add content to your website, blog, newsletter, review board, etc. - so reach out and we'll get the pen to paper!

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