All photos of me taken by Chandler Grace Photography

Projects //


Never stop creating.

These are a few of the projects I either created, helped 

conceptualize, or was simply a part of in 2018 that I'm proud of. Have an idea? I'd love to help you see it come to life. 

My mother and I started our own company in 2017, and in 2018 we went into production for the first time. 

Rush Delivery LLC was a custom dress design company committed to making every sorority member feel welcome and beautiful during recruitment. We met with sorority leaders all over the south to help them dream up unique recruitment outfits, choose fabrics & color schemes, and go into production on their very own custom pieces for their members to shop from.

Due to Panhellenic tightening up on recruitment wear rules, Rush Delivery has discontinued its custom design services, but I learned so much about the full production process & truly fell in love with the custom design world throughout this adventure.

Below, check out our designs all the way from our original illustrations, to our first samples, to our clients wearing the pieces during recruitment!


Through a random connection, I met Jerè, a local businessman in Dallas who is the owner of an inspiring t-shirt company called Elyon. Jerè masterfully combines popular trends in merch fashion with biblical themes. I was a part of the shoots for the "To Die For," "Blessed is She," and "The Devil Thought He Had Me," campaigns. I have felt so incredibly honored to be a part of Jerè's vision, and I could not be more inspired by him! Check out his personal instagram HERE, Elyon's instagram HERE, and shop the merch HERE!

international women's day

It was an honor to be a part of Elizabeth Osondu's vision for this year's International Women's Day. You can read the whole post I wrote about it HERE and check out the photos from the shoot below! Here's a quote from Elizabeth about the heart behind this project: "Phenomenally crafted as phenomenal women. With numbers we are unified, yet with time we divide. Through the years, we were assigned colors that represent us. Join me as we redirect the perspective of beauty by embracing all nationalities."

Photographer: Jaida Brinkley