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December 7, 2016



Today marks the very last day that I will be in school for the rest of my life. For many people, this day might feel like the best day of their life. They might be excited to never have to go to school or do homework again. I, however, do not share those feelings. I have been blessed with the opportunity of attending the greatest university on earth (let me have this one), Texas Christian University.


Insecure, self-deprecating, afraid: three words that embody who I was as an incoming TCU Freshmen. For me, candidly put, high school was not a good experience. I placed high importance on my academic success and I was constantly ridiculed for it. The exposure taught me to keep my head down and not shine too brightly. I was extremely nervous to enter TCU sorority recruitment, but I figured I might make a few friends. When I walked through the doors of my first sorority house, I expected to be met with the same judgmental faces of high school. Instead, I found each house to be full of women who were sincere, impressive, and interested in me for the person I was. Many experiences at TCU such as this one have helped mold me into who I am today, but there is one adventure I embarked upon that is the epitome of what TCU has taught me.

Every sorority during the recruitment process participates in a “skit day” where a few members of the sorority put on a play for Potential New Members. My sorority, Delta Gamma, announced that we needed one more person for the skit. That person would play the role of Brick from the movie Anchorman. If you are not familiar with Brick, he is a loud, socially awkward weatherman whose antics usually mess up everyone’s plans. In other words, he was in complete opposition to my “head down” mentality. In a moment of unprecedented courage, I took the role. I immediately became extremely nervous. What if no one laughs?


During the recruitment process, I performed as Brick wearing a pink pantsuit in front of hundreds of Potential New Members eight times in one day. Guess what? They laughed. Not only did they laugh, some of them actually wiped away tears. I was stepping outside of my comfort zone to try and be everything I knew I could be, and I was succeeding. With each performance I became more confident, which I have carried with me since that very first appearance. I have played the role of Brick every year since then and Delta Gamma’s newest and oldest members will still say to me, “You’re the reason I chose Delta Gamma.”


I’d like to believe they didn’t decide to pledge because I was funny or because they remembered my pantsuit. I’d like to believe that they chose Delta Gamma because they saw a woman being fully confident in herself and thought, “I can too.”


Confident, joyful, ready: three words that embody the person I will be as I walk across the stage at graduation this December. TCU has given me a first class education and lifelong friendships, but even so, the most important lesson I will leave this place with is a beautiful sense of self and a need to spread that same feeling to others. We cannot inspire others until we truly inspire ourselves. I can genuinely say that because of TCU, I am ready to inspire others.



If you’re reading this and you haven’t gone to college just yet: go to TCU. Or at least find your version of my TCU. Work your hardest to get into the best school possible, then go for it babe. If you’re reading this and you’re currently in college: don’t take a single moment, person, teacher, class, assignment, or Saturday for granted. When someone asks you to do something new/fun/adventurous/weird/silly/odd/out of your comfort zone, ALWAYS say yes. You won’t remember your grades, you’ll remember your friends and the crazy stuff you did together. If you’re reading this and you’re already a part of the “real world,” pray for me and feel free to shoot me your best advice via email. Seriously.


There’s so much more to say, but I cannot find the words.


I love you TCU, and I am forever grateful.






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