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December 13, 2016


I friggin love crafting. And I love Hobby Lobby with my whole heart and pay check (which I currently don’t have but that’s a minor detail). So, when I saw that Anthropologie, one of my all time favorite stores, was holding a competition for the most creative gift wrapping, I knew I was in. I immediately drove to Hobby lobby and had a blast picking out everything I would need. Seriously. I called Evan from the car and he was very confused.


I decided on doing a New York Rockefeller Rink themed box. One Christmas, my mom got my family reservations at the restaurant in Rockefeller center that is on the same level as the ice. We got to eat at a fabulous restaurant and watch people twirl on the ice all Christmas Eve night. It was completely magical, and my mom rocks for thinking of that. So, this box was a small recreation of that night! Also, put it on your bucket list to do Christmas in New York at least once in your lifetime. Everyone always wants to go for New Years, but Christmas time is the right time to go.



I started off by finding a round box because I wanted it to be a round ice rink. I painted the lid white and trimmed the outside with glitter. I painted the base of the box light blue to match the skates I’d picked out and then sprinkled on more glitter, obviously. I made the tree by hand. This was a big deal because the Rockefeller Center tree is brought in to New York from a forest and is nothing short of iconic. I got a Styrofoam cylinder and hot-glued green felt around it. Then I cut long strips of green felt with notches in them to glue around the tree as “branches.” To finish the tree, I glued on a string of beads as lights and little ornaments along with sequins and a star tree topper. I place the tree in the center of the circular box lid and glued on the ice skates ornament. The final touch was to write out “Rockefeller Rink” in black paint around the tree behind the skates as if the person had written the words into the ice.



I love getting people presents and I love wrapping them! I think it’s a great opportunity to get extra creative during the holiday season. Shout out to Anthro for inspiring my creative side during finals week, only they could do that! 




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